About Central MA Connections in Faith

We are a network of individuals, places of worship, & community organizations from many Central MA towns. We organize approximately 3 gatherings a year. One is an MLK Jr Day in Westborough (the first was in 2019), and two others are hosted by faith groups, taking it in turns to provide an opportunity for us to learn about a culture and set of traditions. At these events, we also gather over a meal in small group facilitated conversations so that local people can meet each other and learn from each other. Our purpose is to create connections between people and learning together.

You can contact us here or on Facebook with your email address to be added to our mailing list. We maintain a list of those interested in attending our gatherings and a ‘Core Group’ list of those who would like to also receive invitations to join a planning group that comes together approximately 4-5 weeks before one of our events to plan the small group conversation questions and provide table talk facilitation. Our mailing list is only used to share Central MA Connections in Faith programs. Additional programs of interest to those seeking interfaith and community building encounters are shared on our Facebook page only.

Our Strategic Vision and Core Ideology

Core Purpose

To build bridges & friendships across cultures.

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Curiosity
  • Inclusivity
  • Open-Mindedness